Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Math Morning Basket Update

I have been working hard on my Morning Basket. I took a day and a half and prepared ALL 36 activities!! If you don't have time/supplies/desire to do that? I have something for you! Many of you know that I review items on my other blog. I recently had the opportunity to review a game called "Balance Beans" (I received it for free in exchange for my honest review). My first thought was, "THIS is going in my morning basket!!! It is such a fun, simple game that can take 5 minutes to play or take an hour depending on how patient your kids are and how much focus you want to put on it.

First, you set up the balance part:

Then you pick a card (there are 4 different levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Super Hard).
Follow the picture on the card. The red beans stay in place and you're not allowed to move them on your puzzle.

Use the colored beans directed. You must use ALL of them. Use them to balance the seesaw.

Answers are on the back of the card to check your work.

Want to know my favorite thing about this game? The kids have to FAIL in order to SUCCEED! Yup! Failing is PART of play. That is a lesson I'm trying desperately to teach my kids at the moment. They think if they don't master something the first time they try that it's too hard and not worth their time. Hopefully this will help!!

Here is a photo gallery of most of the things in my math morning basket!!!

All the details for these projects are on my past post that you can find HERE