Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Backyard Ecology

I am going to make some lapbooks (and eventually some other things, too) to share here on my blog! I hope that's cool with you all! Right now we are studying an intro to ecology. We are doing a backyard learning unit right now. I got the idea from two sources. One source is my AMAZING friend, Jamie. That girl is incredible with the amount of ideas and resources she has! The other part of the idea was from an ecology curriculum I got from my life insurance. I know, it sounds funny to say it like that, but we go through Modern Woodmen and they are a fraternity, so they have more to their program than putting money into an account waiting for you to die. They actually have 5 different programs available for free for schools, homeschools, scouts, church groups- whoever wants them. They are broken up into grade levels and include lesson  plans and printables. Pretty stellar, if you ask me! AANYwho, so I took these ideas from both these places and merged them into our very own backyard ecology study unit. Here is a picture of the lapbook, but I plan on making printable ones for you. I happened to use good 'ol fashioned scrapbooking supplies to make the one we are using.

And then I decided to make one for you. Now, be aware that these templates assume that you know how to make most elements of a lapbook. If you don't know, I'm afraid my instructions are not going to be too much help. I suggest googling "lapbook elements" to find better instructions.

This is just a computer generated preview, I have not actually printed these and tested them (because I have the one above). If somebody would like to test it for me, I'd love to see REAL pictures!

Download all the files (except the preview) HERE. If you need the picture just click on it, and then right click, then save as.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Lapbook Love

My favorite thing right now is to make lapbooks!! In the future, when I make lapbooks, there will be full credits for things that I don't make myself. I only officially homeschool Xander, my oldest, but my 4 year old, Vaughn, hates to be left out, so I make lots for him, too! Here are a few photos-

This was a cat lapbook (the scrapkit is from Designs by Snowlady)

This is one of the first ones I made. It was for general conference. I made one for each of the older kids. I pulled the resources from all over the internet. I'll try to find links for you eventually...

This was THE first lapbook I made. Xander is very creative, but writing was becoming an issue. He wanted to rush through it. So I used his curriculum for all the steps he needed to follow and made this!

This one was SUPER fun to make!!! Vaughn is learning his sight words, so I went on Pinterest and found a million different ways to help with learning said words and decided to mush them all together. The picture on the top right is my favorite.


Ok, so I'm so excited to have a place to share all my homeschool stuff!! I'm only in our first year, but I'm LOVING it!!! We are using WashOnline (it's actually just been changed to Utah Online because people were confusing the Washington county part for Washington state) for our basic curriculum and doing a few on our own. This coming year we will also use story of the world. We are LDS and studying scriptures is very important to use. Right now my 8 year old uses and it is working GREAT!

I will use this blog to post reviews, pictures of lapbooks, stuff I create, ideas, questions, etc. Here's hoping somebody else can get some use out of it as well!