Monday, March 25, 2013

Lapbook Love

My favorite thing right now is to make lapbooks!! In the future, when I make lapbooks, there will be full credits for things that I don't make myself. I only officially homeschool Xander, my oldest, but my 4 year old, Vaughn, hates to be left out, so I make lots for him, too! Here are a few photos-

This was a cat lapbook (the scrapkit is from Designs by Snowlady)

This is one of the first ones I made. It was for general conference. I made one for each of the older kids. I pulled the resources from all over the internet. I'll try to find links for you eventually...

This was THE first lapbook I made. Xander is very creative, but writing was becoming an issue. He wanted to rush through it. So I used his curriculum for all the steps he needed to follow and made this!

This one was SUPER fun to make!!! Vaughn is learning his sight words, so I went on Pinterest and found a million different ways to help with learning said words and decided to mush them all together. The picture on the top right is my favorite.

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