Monday, July 11, 2016

An experiment...

One thing most homeschoolers know is that housework and chores become part of your homeschool day. This has always been a relief to me and a frustration all at once. I have listened to presentations and lectures about different ways to do this and there are a few things required for most of these that we don't have here: Cooperation between siblings, respect for parents, kids without ADHD and ODD. Mostly the last one. Don't get me wrong, my kids most certainly have chores, but they take extra time finding ways to do the least amount of work done and still get a reward.

I was talking to a friend recently about this conundrum and she told me what her family does. It's GENIUS, I tell you! I decided to start it with my munchkins. I have found that they work far better with me in the room than when left to their own devices, so I'm in on this, too.

Here's everything you need:

A bucket or cup or jar or something that fits popsicle sticks in it
A bag- I went to the Dollar Store for pencil bags (2 for $1! Score!)
Popsicle Sticks
Washi Tape (one color or pattern per room or subject you'd like represented)

Here's how it works:
First, my kids and I each pick a reward stick

I will be adding more to these so that we have a bit more variety- things like "Stay up extra 15 min" or "Get an extra library book" or "Double the Points"

Note about points: Points are our rewards/currency system. They earn points by doing stuff (chores, schoolwork, going to bed without being told 50 billion times to stop talking, etc) and lose them by being naughty (hitting, pushing, or being told 50 billions to stop talking when they go to bed). They cash them in for video game time, double votes on movie nights, Pokemon Cards, or other rewards.

The rule is you can't complain about anybody else's reward or you forfeit yours. Example, if Kid A picks the Pandora station and kid B picks 1 on 1 Mom and Dad time, but Kid B freaks out that Kid A picked Imagine Dragons Radio AGAIN, then Kid B loses his reward, but will still get the points he earns by doing his chore.

Once you've picked a reward stick, you pick a daily stick.

These are chores that you don't have to do with the family, but must get done before cashing in points (except like, diaper duty and helping with dinner- those can wait if everything else is done).

Then you decide what rooms need to be done that day. Some of these can be done daily, others don't need it that often. 

I have Kitchen

Notice the double colored ones- those are for dishes days.


Dining Room:

Basement/Play Room:

Living Room:

And finally, once a week chores:
Sorry they are hard to read. These ones say "doors, yard, sweep stairs, gather clothes, hall walls."

Today we tried the living room (kitchen chores had already been done). It could have gone better, but I was pretty impressed with it. The kids all agreed to give it a solid week or positive effort, then we'll reassess later. Here's hoping I helped you somehow!!

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