Friday, July 8, 2016

Continent Box Prep

I'm currently putting together a giant set of Continent Boxes for my kids. These started like the Montessori ones, but my ADHD brain was not content to just sit with that. These boxes will cover multiple age groups and be set up so they can be used year after year. Believe you me when I say that there will be some mega posts about them later. If you're curious, I do have a video outlining some of my ideas.

Right now, I'm just doing North America and praying/hoping that the other boxes are easy to adapt all my info from. I've spent a ridiculous amount of hours on this. Far more than 100, I'm sure. I will have a lot of this available for other people's use as well. Free at first so people can test it, then I'm hoping to put it up on Teachers Pay Teachers.

A few things I've been working on:

Art Projects

Math Word Problems

Lists of Resources

Stay tuned for more!!

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