Friday, July 8, 2016

Lighthouse Stick Craft

I have been putting together a packet of cute crafts I've found on the internet about lighthouses. I saw a pretty piece of art on Etsy that inspired me. I would show it to you, but I can't find it ANYwhere anymore. It was more of an adult piece of artwork, so I knew it wouldn't appeal much to my kids, but the idea stuck with me. Here is what I decide to make instead:

Cute, right?! I like it, anyway.
Here's what you need:

Hot Glue Gun
Small Sticks

Here's how:
First thing you do is sketch out what you want your lighthouse to look like. Do you want your stripes horizontal? Vertical? Diagonal? I decided on diagonal and wrote in each of the spaces of my sketch which color I wanted them to be.

Next, fit your sticks. You might want to have a wire cutter, tree trimmer, or pocketknife available for the adults to help using. Cut your sticks down to size to fit inside your sketch.

Now it's time to get messy! Paint your sticks and let them dry, then place them again inside your sketch.

This was the tricky part. I didn't want sketch marks on my paper, so I would take one section of sticks off my paper (say, a red stripe), erase the marks that could be seen there, then glue the sticks into place. I did this section by section on my paper.

Let it set, then you are done!!

Unfortunately, the kids weren't as excited as I was. My 10 year old gave it a great effort, but was trying to hurry so she could just paint. I clearly do not let the kids paint often enough!

The 4 year old just wanted to paint, and then the 10 year old painted as well.

Enjoy! I'd love to see your work if you do this. It validates my entire existence. ;)

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